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  1. Create More Awareness Within

A. Medical Services and Treatments

B. The Arts/Entertainment

1.  Functional Art
Applications of design and aesthetic to objects of function and everyday use
Art Practical Usage

2. Non-functional Art
Pleasure of life
Developed & Aesthetics

3. Mediums in Art
two-dimensional art
three-dimensional art
*Combined Arts*
Mixed Media OR Mixed Arts
*These are types of Arts/Entertainment which can be BOTH seen, and heard.

C. Spirit over Matter

2. Circuit Breaker ~ DYSFUNCTION WITHIN “Scope of PRACTICE”


A. ALL OTHERS based on character and quality of WORK who are practicing within those fields of Medicine and Art/Entertainment

B. Possibilities/Options

C. Concrete Case Studies AND Historical Origin

Medical Therapies and Treatments, ART/ENTERTAINMENT, Spirit over Matter + their relativity + effectivity + Authenticity within ourselves and unto each other, for the good of ALL HUMANITY.

Power components in motion. Stable situations for containment.

Neuro – 1 or 3 or more peoplein this, or a familiar field to make appointments for Sunday, after services.

  • Treating auto-immune disease and any neurological dysfunction, not limited to tourettes.
  • CP
  • Children in any sport
  • I use music, as well as other wholistic approaches, in my neurotherapy.
  • Copper, Chalice & Staff